1927 Fisheries Report

J.E. Wilson spent the summer of 1927 on seven salmon streams from Nancy Lake to Wasilla Cr. and on the south side of Knik Arm. He worked the streams from their headwaters to the inlet, assessing salmon habitat and removing obstacles. He describes the natural conditions, hardships, and the people he met. We recognize many names, but more are forgotten and even lakes and natural features have been renamed. This is a must read for local historians and fishermen.

We thank Matt LaCroix for sharing this find and report description:

Wilson, J. E., 1927, Bureau of Fisheries, Reclamation and Maintenance, The Susitna Valley, Alaska.”  The report is a daily log that details work “to ascertain the extent and condition of the natural spawning grounds of the salmon entering this area, with a view of rendering aid to the production end of the industry by reclamation and maintenance of these grounds if found to be necessary.” Salmon enhancement, back in the day.