1910 Map of Willow Creek Mining District
by D.H. Sleem, M.D.

“A long time friend, Bill Pippel, greeted me one evening in downtown Palmer, “Would you or your history geek buddies want an old map?”  Well, he had my attention…

Bill had found one of the very first maps of our area, one we had never seen before.  The map came with a note, enabling us to trace its ownership and hear some great stories.

This map is a local treasure – a quite detailed insight into what was happening here a century ago – and we want to share it.”

Ralph Hulbert

The map was scanned and printed it full size (16.5 x 22 inches) on heavy stock, trying to maintain the image as found and adding only a tiny credit line in the margin.  A detailed map description is included on the reverse side.

Click here for a low-resolution picture of the map (the original scan sent to the printer was about 1000 times this size).

This link opens the map description and great information about the map.

Reprints are available for $5 at the Colony House Museum, where the original map is displayed.