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Matanuska Valley Alaska    Compiled by Al Brooks for the Matanuska Valley Chamber of Commerce. © 1965, 58 pages

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We Shall Be Remembered    By Evangeline Atwood, © 1966. A retrospective narration of the story of the Matanuska Colonists. 191 pages

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The Colorful Matanuska Valley    By Don L. Irwin, © 1968. A 1995 reprint, duplicating the 1968 first edition. A recollection by the Matanuska Colony’s first manager. 148 pages

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Matanuska Valley Memoirs    By Hugh A. Johnson & Keith L. Stanton, © 1955. The University of Alaska Bulletin. A study of Palmer, 20 years after the establishment of the Matanuska Colony.

1980 edition by Mapmakers.

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Colony Kids    Children’s fiction based on Palmer history. Written by Heather Lehe

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Matanuska Colony 75th Anniversary    Commemorative publication by Lynette Lehn and Lorraine Kirker

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The Matanuska Colony Barns    The beautiful picture’s of local Colony Barns, rich with historic comment. Written by Helen Hegener

The Beautiful Matanuska Valley    A great compilation of fun information and beautiful pictures of the Matanuska Valley.  Written by Helen Hegener


Matanuska Colony Album    Photographs of the 1935 Matanuska Colony Project.  A nice companion book to the book below!  Written by Helen Hegener.


The 1935 Matanuska Colony Project    The Remarkable History of a New Deal Experiment in Alaska.  Written by local author Helen Hegener

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 Where the River Matanuska Flows     DVD by Paul Hill and Joan Juster, ©2005

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Alaska Far Away     DVD by Paul Hill and Joan Juster

Life and Times of Matanuska Valley Pioneers

This is a great read, chocked full of personal interviews of our Valley Pioneers, many are involved with Palmer Historical Society and the Colony House Museum!  Pick up a copy and maybe you can get an autograph or two!


A Lot to be Thankful For    A fiction story based on the real-life of a Colony family – a great read!  Written by a Colony family granddaughter Mary Haakenson Perry


Sleem Map Reprint: Willow Creek Mining District 1910    Reprinted 2008 by Palmer Historical Society